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Getting Help From The Peace Corps And Department Of Labor

The processes of getting medical help from the Peace Corps and, later, the Department of Labor can be very complicated. We'll try to clarify how things work, so that you know which organization is handling your case and whom you should contact. Go here to see which organizations do what.

The Peace Corps has been making active improvements to its healthcare services since our group formed. You can look at their new “fact sheet”  for information about the changes.

How Does This Work?

The Peace Corps provides medical care while volunteers are in country and during medical evacuation, both in a volunteer's regional health center and in the US. That is the easy part. From there, it is more complicated.

When you return, you will be given some forms by the Peace Corps (see our Dealing With The Peace Corps page for details) that will pay for immediate medical testing and diagnoses. They don't administer the care for ongoing disability or medical bills. That is managed by the US Department of Labor (USDOL). Please go to this site to understand how to deal with the USDOL. The funds, however, still come out of the Peace Corps budget. The process is lengthy, so if you can, get care in-country or during your medical evacuation. 

If You Have A Serious Ongoing Health Issue And You Are A RPCV

- USDOL administers these services
  • You need to file for a claim with the US Department of Labor (USDOL). This is under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). Peace Corps should help you and this is their posting. 
  • If you are a medical provider, go here to get instructions on how to gets bills paid.
  • If you are Peace Corps Volunteer, go here to understand the process of filing for a claim and resolving billing issues.
  • They pay for your Federal Workers’ Compensation loss of wage earning capacity if you are unable to work (paid by the US Treasury) if you file a claim.
  • They pay for your medical bills as deemed appropriate by your USDOL claims examiner (CE). The bills are processed by ACS (Affiliated Computer Services). You can see the PC description of FECA here.

In the Field

- Peace Corps pays for and manages these services

Immediately Upon Return to the US


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